Pure Asense: Essential Oil blends and fashionable jewellery pieces, all with a sense of Purpose.

What we are about is more defined by what you are about. How do you want to feel?
Did you know that we were plonked on this beautiful earth with everything we needed right here? All of the wonderful plants that live on this little blue planet have such powerful healing and mood generating properties. When a plant is reduced to its most powerful concentrated form – the essence  - and we breath it in - we are allowing all those natural qualities to enhance and move our cells the way nature intended.

Our purposeful perfumes are designed with how you want to feel in mind. Because how you feel is the whole damn point. To living. To life. Our very experience within this human life cycle is all about how we feel. So why not take some guided action towards feeling the way you want to feel.

Our purposeful perfumes are also pure and by that we mean that there are no nasty hormone disrupting chemicals in our blends. They are pure essential oils mixed with pure carrier plant oils and because we love all things beautiful, a few flowers to carry you through your day.

 So we are about feeling purposeful. We are about feeling Wild and Free. We are about feeling Optimistic and Romantic. Grateful and Peaceful.

We are you. And the way you want to feel.
Pure = not mixed with any other substance or material
Sense = a sense is defined as a way that the body perceives external stimuli.
Essence = is defined as the core nature or most important qualities of a person or thing.